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Terms & Conditions

General Conditions of sale of Foxtrail Services


The website is operated by URBAN ESCAPE SrL, hereafter referred to as Urban Escape.

In collaboration with various partners, URBAN ESCAPE offers a series of unaccompanied recreational – touristic itineraries in ROME.

The itineraries (in this document indicated as “FOXTRAIL” or “ITINERARIES”) are made on foot, by public transport or by bicycle, and are characterized by games in stages realized with permanent installations.

A Foxtrail itinerary consists of an route without indications divided into several stages (Foxtrail stations). Each station contains a game, an object and / or a description, the solution of which is necessary to reach the next station.

Should the participants not find the solution to a stage of the game, after a few minutes, they can contact the help line.

By visiting this website and / or by making reservations and purchases on this site, the present general conditions of sale, governing the rights and contractual obligations between Urban Escape Srl and the participants in a Foxtrail itinerary or in other entertainment proposals of Urban Escape SrL, are automatically accepted.

1. Object of the contract

The contract relates to the usage of unaccompanied recreational – touristic itineraries named “Foxtrail”, through stages and stations, operated by Urban Escape, comprising of a game, an object and / or a description, whose solution serves to reach the next station and a help-line service (via sms or telephone) for the solution of individual stages of the game.

2. Contracting Parties

2.1 Service Provider

The service provider company is Urban Escape Srl based in Rome, via Appennini 20 (hereinafter referred to as ” Urban Escape ” or “provider”). The provider works with selected partners (hereinafter “business partners”) to be able to offer Foxtrail itineraries as a package of services.

2.2 Participants

Participants can be private individuals, companies, associations, schools and other groups.

3. Conclusion of the contract

3.1 Offer

Urban Escape offers its services online via its website or off-line by phone or e-mail. The prices of the services are those shown on the website at the time of purchase; the nominal prices shown on the vouchers give the right to the experience provided by the voucher regardless of any price changes that may have occurred in the meantime.

3.2 Booking / Purchase

The reservation / purchase of the services can be made in the following ways:

  • “Online booking” refers to the case in which the entire booking process is carried out directly on the website by booking one or more slots for your team in groups of minimum 2 and maximum 6 participants at a time
  • “Off line booking” refers to the case in which the booking is made by telephone or email with the support of Urban Escape staff for groups larger than 6 participants
3.2.1 Reservations / Purchase online

By clicking on the “Buy” button you accept a binding offer to purchase one or more Foxtrail tickets. In the online mode the stipulation of the contract is concluded by Urban Escape sending a booking confirmation by e-mail, also containing the departure documents.

3.2.2 Reservations / Purchase off line

Groups can ask Urban Escape srl , by phone or e – mail, for a binding offer for the sale of Foxtrail tickets for groups . The contract is concluded by Urban Escape sending an order confirmation via e-mail after receipt of payment of the booking.

3.3 Recognition of the contractual terms

By purchasing a Foxtrail, all participants unconditionally recognize the prices shown online or the prices indicated in the offline offer and expressly accept the general conditions of sale.

3.4 Payment

Participants can pay for the Foxtrail itinerary online by means of the digital payment systems provided (Paypal, credit cards, bank transfers) or by purchasing vouchers at authorized dealers. In this case the vouchers can be redeemed online and used in place of the online payment systems at the end of the booking process. When paying, customers will be asked for all the data necessary to prepare the invoicing documentation as envisaged by current tax regulations Bookings / purchases will always take place online except for the groups that make a telephone booking. In the case of a telephone booking Urban Escape requires advance payment by bank transfer or credit card and will send the invoice for the total amount by post or by e-mail after receipt of the payment.

4. Cancellation and changes

Reservations / Purchases can not be cancelled, but only the dates of usage of an itinerary can be modified subject to the availability of Urban Escape.

4.1 Booking on line

Online reservations can be changed both in the number of participants and in the time and date of the experience up to 12 hours before the start of the reserved slot via telephone call. However, under no circumstances will payments made be reimbursed. Payments may however be used for the immediate modification of the booking time or for the issue of a voucher valid for a future Foxtrail experience.

4.2 Reservations for groups made off line

The date and time of the reservation can always be changed up to 8 days before the booked date. In the case where the change request is less than the 8 days prior to the date of use, Urban Escape will bill the entire amount even if the experience has not been used, in this case Urban Escape will issue a voucher for an amount equivalent to the amount paid. The number of participants can be reduced by no more than 10% compared to the number previously booked up to eight days before the start date of the booked experience. If the number of participants is reduced by more than 10%, Urban Escape will in any case invoice 90% of the initial order and will reimburse the difference. In the case in which the number of participants is reduced less than eight days before the initially indicated date of use,100% of the initial order value will be invoiced.

5. Service guarantee

5.1 Our own Services

Foxtrail itineraries are continuously improved to ensure better use of the services, for this reason Urban Escape reserves the right to modify the itineraries presented on the site. The Foxtrails are outdoors and the stations are accessible by the general public. Due to these circumstances, it is possible, despite the regular checks and maintenance of each itinerary, that the stations are not fully or partially operational for a short period of time. In such an event, the participants are not entitled to any compensation from Urban Escape. Urban Escape is not responsible for damages and inefficiencies due to reasons beyond the scope of its responsibility and influence (for example, adverse weather conditions, traffic disruptions, natural disasters). The exclusion of liability also applies to the lack of availability of information, instructions or other information due to vandalism or other external agents that cannot be controlled by Urban Escape.

5.2 Optional Services provided by third parties

Urban Escape offers the opportunity to take advantage of food and beverage and other services supplied by a network of affiliated partners. These services , even if purchased through Urban Escape, are rendered directly by the partners under the exclusive responsibility of the same.

6. Conditions of participation

6.1 Requirements for participants

Participants should be able to complete a walk on the routes and find their way around the city. This requires an average level of orientation. No specific local or regional knowledge is required. A minimum age of 8 years is recommended. For school classes, there is a recommendation for participation from year 5 of elementary school. Children less than 12 years old can participate only if accompanied by a parent or supervisor who must be at least 18 years old. Each team must include at least one person over the age of 16. Only the routes marked as such on the website are without architectural barriers and therefore suitable for participants with strollers and / or wheelchairs.

6.2 Equipment required by participants

In order to use a Foxtrail, the following equipment is required:

  • at least one cellular phone, capable of receiving and making calls , text messages and data traffic, per team; the availability of an application on the smartphone that allows the decoding of the QR codes (ie a QR reader) is also desirable but not compulsory. All call charges and phone usage are the responsibility of the participants.
  • Leisure clothing and shoes suitable to complete the course in all climatic conditions.
6.3 Other conditions of participation in Foxtrail experiences

PETS : Access to some of the locations included in the itineraries may not be allowed for pets. In this case, participants must foresee the possibility that one of them remains outside the station.

PUNCTUALITY : Since the route is always reserved exclusively for the individual group that made the reservation, it is essential that the participants arrive at the agreed place with due advance of the planned start time. In the event that this indication is not respected and the groups overlap during the use of the experience Urban Escape cannot in any way be held responsible for the consequent loss of exclusivity in usage.

7. Image rights and privacy

With the purchase of the ticket for the itinerary, the participant expressly allows Urban Escape to acquire photographs of the participants along the way and accepts that these images are published on the website

It is possible to delete published images by sending an email request to The e-mail must include reference to the booking date , the start time and the booking code.

8. Responsibilities and insurance

Participants undertake Foxtrail itineraries at their own risk and under their own exclusive responsibility. Urban Escape is not responsible for damage to persons or things that occurring during the journey and does not provide individual participants with insurance coverage. Urban Escape assumes no liability for direct or indirect personal injury or property damage even if these are attributable to the use of a Foxtrail and the individual stations within an itinerary. Urban Escape is in no way responsible for services provided by partner companies.

9. Data Protection

For the purposes of booking a Foxtrail, data is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the law and based on the specific privacy policy reported on the website.

10. Newsletter

By making a reservation, the customer consents to the e-mailing by the provider of an electronic newsletter (“opt-in”). This newsletter subscription can be cancelled at any time and free of charge by clicking on the link contained in each e-mail (“cancel the subscription “). In the newsletter, Urban Escape refers exclusively to its services and also provides information and tips on how to spend your free time.

11. Copyrights

The copyrights and all other rights on Foxtrails, Foxtrail instructions, plans, images, texts and other materials of Urban Escape remain the property of the supplier in any case. Any form of copying, duplication, transmission or publication of the Foxtrail idea, Foxtrail instructions and / or other products owned by Urban Escape, both in electronic or non-electronic format, is prohibited and will be prosecuted in civil and / or criminal proceedings. Participants are not permitted to share elements of the game or itinerary including tasks, layout, puzzles, equipment, creative ideas with third parties for their own commercial purposes. The production of photos or videos of Foxtrail installations is allowed only with the written consent of Urban Escape.

12. Other general provisions

12.1 Confidentiality and completeness of the information

Should a single provision in the contract between Urban Escape and its customers prove to be invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract. The contracting parties will replace the invalid provision with a new provision that is as close as possible to the economic purpose sought by the invalid provision. This applies to all possible contractual gaps.

The booking / purchase confirmation and these general sales conditions, together with the clarifications provided on the website in response to the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ), form the entire legal basis of the agreement between the supplier and the customers. There are no additional accessory agreements.

12.2 Modifications to the General Conditions

Urban Escape reserves the right to modify these general conditions of sale as necessary at any time and without prior notice. The version available on the website at the time the contract is stipulated is applicable to each contractual relationship.

12.3 Legal fora and applicable law

The contractual relationship between the supplier and customers is subject to Italian law. The exclusive forum for the resolution of any disputes arising is the Court of Rome.