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Foxtrail is a valid class activity. As well as as being an outdoors activity in interesting areas of the City which are not fully known, kids will be challenged on an intellectual level with tests of observation and riddles.
The trails are dedicated to persons who have been part of the history of Rome and Italy and this can serve as a starting point to connect and deepen students’ knowledge of study subjects.
To follow the right track, the teams will have to work together to identify clues and correctly interpret the puzzles left by the fox. Collaboration between students is essential and this fosters the team spirit. A united group walks faster!

For the next school trip surprise your pupils with an adventure in the city! Foxtrail is an idea for an unusual and challenging experience for students aged 8 and up! Fun and adventure is guaranteed.

Foxtrail is the ideal activity for field trips, school outings, excursions or end of the school year trips.